Lucky penny leads to lucky lotto winnings


When it comes to playing casino games and lotteries, different players will count on a variety of strategies and techniques to increase their chances of winning. For many players it’s all about calculation skills and techniques, especially when playing card games. For others, it’s about money-management skills, like managing the bankroll and betting the minimum. But some players simply rely on secret charms to increase their chances of winning. A lucky charm is exactly what Sean Lloyd used to boost his chances in a lotto draw. Sean Lloyd is a bus driver who suddenly discovered a new lifestyle and another chance at life, thanks to his set of winning numbers and an accidental encounter with a lucky charm.

Chance encounter with a shiny penny

The life of comfort and luxury for Sean Lloyd started when he bet on lotto and found a shiny penny on the floor. In many interviews he shared how he managed to find this shiny penny, and how he used this to increase his chances of winning. He said that the chance encounter with the coin happened after he ended his shift and was about to go on lunch. While walking, he noticed the shiny object on the floor, picked it up and felt oddly lucky during that moment. He added that he felt that it was his lucky day, and decided to buy a lotto ticket. After buying the ticket, he decided to rub the shiny penny on the lucky ticket to bring in even more luck.

A few hours later, all of this ‘lucky penny’ rubbing paid off. He decided to pull out his iPad to check the numbers, and was elated to confirm that it was his numbers that showed up in the draw. And when he finally confirmed the winning combinations, his mind suddenly went wild thinking about his plans for himself and for his family. Initially, he planned to pay off his house’s mortgage and then to take his family on a vacation.

New life, new business venture

Although Sean Lloyd decided to resign from his job as a bus driver, winning the lottery did not stop him from rejoining his former co-workers for a reunion. Also, instead of spending all the money on wants and luxuries, San Lloyd decided to tap into his business side and got into a new venture. Since he was also a foodie at heart, he invested in a food-related business. The story of Sean Lloyd teaches us would-be lotto winners one main thing (beyond the idea of finding a lucky penny!)–it’s well and good to resign from work, but make sure you have a fallback, something like a business that can sustain you for years to come.


James Stocklas

From brothers to millionaire siblings – The James Stocklas experience

Some say that brothers are linked by a special bond, that even if they were separated for a long time, still the relationship and feelings would remain strong. The bonds of brotherhood become a basis for a lifetime commitment. For others this link becomes a hope that somewhere, somehow, someone will be there to provide help and care. But for the Stocklas brothers of Pennsylvania, this brotherhood took on a different and entertaining spin. According to Florida Lottery, two brothers, namely James Stocklas and Bob Stocklas won the lottery draw on the same day, with different tickets. The amazing development was that one won the jackpot worth $291 million, and the other just won $7. The gap between the winnings was remarkable, but what was more remarkable was that for the first time ever, two brothers won, using different tickets on the same day.

Fishing experience that turns into a celebration

According to Florida Lottery, the two brothers, including their families, were wrapping up their fishing holiday in Florida Keys, Florida. The group just concluded their month-long fishing holiday, and on the way home, the brothers decided to do a stopover and purchased lottery tickets. According to the press release, James Stocklas who was a judge was dining in his favorite restaurant the next day, when he checked the winning lottery numbers, and to his surprise, found out that he had the winning numbers. James Stocklas was with his friend, Anna, when he made the amazing discovery. After confirming the news, a blast of celebratory energy reverberated throughout the restaurant, and James decided to make a few phone calls. But first he shared the good news with the other diners in the restaurant by buying everyone their breakfasts, and then called family members. Thanks to the windfall, James invited members of his family to go on another trip back to Florida Keys for an extended fishing holiday.

To confirm the lottery winnings, James decided to call on a friend who owns a private jet, and asked him to fly him to the lottery office to confirm the winnings and the authenticity of the ticket. This trip cost $20,000, but this amount ended up being a small drop in the bucket for him. When asked what he ended up doing on that day, he shared that it was a fun moment lost in a blur of excitement, and with lots of champagne. After splitting the fortune three ways, and accounting for taxes, he went home with a cool $40 million.


Gerry Cannings

Life moves on for lottery winner

Lottery winners are known to make instant and drastic decisions the moment they have confirmed that they won the lottery jackpot. Some of the lottery winners in the past will instantly announce their good fortune and share their winnings with friends and family members, and follow this up with massive spending, and gift-giving. There are lottery winners who will instantly take a leave, or even resign from their jobs, to assess the luck that has appeared in their lives. All these are understandable and expected, knowing how life-changing lottery jackpots can be. But there are those winners who take a laid-back and calculated approach upon learning of their good fortune. Gerry Cannings and his wife Lisa took a different, yet understandable approach upon confirming the good news.

Life carries on for Mr. and Mrs. Cannings

The couple is from Cambridgeshire, the location of a recent winner of the UK lottery. The couple won £32.5 million, the second largest jackpot in UK lottery history. Although this massive lottery winning is a story in itself, the real story for this unassuming couple is the way they managed to keep their ticket and winnings a secret for at least a week. Gerry was not aware that he had won the lottery on the day of the draw. It was on February 13th that the draw was made, but it took him a full week before deciding to cash the check. According to the couple, it was a time when they were busy redecorating and painting their house, with all the comings and goings on their property. So they decided to postpone their celebrations. Also, they were a bit worried, since most of their personal effects were in boxes, and there would be no space to accommodate their guests in case they decided to celebrate!

From retired teachers to instant millionaires

Mr. Cannings was a retired history teacher, at the time of the announcement of the lottery jackpot, and he shared that he expected to live his life the same even after winning. In fact, the lottery ticket was kept in his pocket for a whole week before he pulled it out. Gerry Cannings does not believe in drama, and will surely live the next years of his life in a casual and uneventful way. He shared that he would spend money on some personal and family luxuries, including a tour of New Zealand, but immediately added that there would be no drastic change in his family’s lifestyle.


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